Personal Workshop

THe Pathway to your Purpose

Some people are lucky enough to understand their purpose at a young age, others do not learn it until much later in life, and some even may never understand or find their purpose at all. 


The Gayle Meyers Growth Method takes business proven strategies to help understand an individual's purpose through conscious and subconscious questioning of mindset, beliefs and values, community, career and integrity. 


Internal Audit

In business, a brand audit is a detailed analysis that shows how your brand is currently performing compared to its stated goals. 

We’ll look at your conscious and subconscious beliefs, so that you can identify your current state of mind and which negative thoughts or stories may limit you and, instead, focus on the positive beliefs, words, and statements about yourself that will lift you to help you succeed. 

The Steps

1. Mindset 

     Understanding how limiting and lifting beliefs affect your mindset. 

2. Values 

     Part of finding your unique personal value is knowing your values, integrity, faith and principles 

3. Community 

     People in your life who give you power and energy and which ones deplete it. In business, this is called a "situational analysis." 

4. Partnership 

     What a valuable partnership looks like to you. In the business world, this is understanding your customer and his or her needs, wants and desires. 

5. Purpose 

    This is your unique personal value or purpose, and it is what you do/exude that others don’t—only you have this power. 

6. Time 

    Your time is valuable—it is your most limited resource and it is finite, so you want to optimize your time to ensure that you are living your most fulfilled life.  

7.  Vision 

      Taking all components of the previous steps and applying them to your vision.


Activating your Purpose

You'll come away from the workshop with a clear sense of purpose and goals, as well as a short- and long-term strategy for execution. 


The value you provide to yourself and to others 


  The benefit you give others and yourself 


The way in which you deliver your value 

Confidence Gained


"The Meyers Growth Method gave me confidence and helped me find my real purpose in life. Before going through the process, I didn’t know what I wanted out of life and I surely didn’t know how I was going to get there. That changed immediately after I went through the workshop. Opportunities fell at my feet, and I had the new-found confidence to crush them. I recommended it to my team so that they would also find the drive and determination in life that was awoken inside of me.  I am so thankful for Gayle’s method and her guidance. " 

- Brayden James, 20,  Student

Benefits of understanding your purpose

Self Confidence


Self Awareness



Employee Engagement Report

The team assessment provides to teams and team leaders the ability to analyze team member perceptions and observations around community, self-team-company assessment, fit and goals by utilizing our proprietary algorithm and analysis.  The benefits include actionable insights teams case use to engage team members.