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Gayle Meyers is an entrepreneur, venture partner, board member, and operating partner in digital marketing with over two decades of business leadership experience. She now leverages this experience to optimize growth strategies for personal development and transformation for individuals, teams and organizations. A process her father and mentor taught her when she was struggling to overcome learning disabilities, which transformed her life. She is regularly a keynote speaker at industry conferences for companies such as Google, Verizon, Omnicom, LiveRamp, Twitter, and Oracle amongst others. 


Meyers was the Chief Growth Officer at LUMA Partners, where she led overall marketing, branding, communications, and partnership strategy, and where she currently leads those efforts in a consulting role. LUMA is the leading investment bank focused on digital technologies, providing strategic advice, proven M&A expertise, and extensive industry knowledge to optimize more than 11 billion in transactions, IPO’s and other outcomes for their clients.


She sits on the Board of Directors for two Mountaingate Capital platform investments: Tinuiti, an award-winning digital marketing agency; and Merit Direct, a leading global provider of B2B database products for performance-driven demand generation, data optimization, and customer acquisition. She is also an investor and Venture Partner at Revel Partners, whose mission is to champion the next generation of B2B software visionariesand help them grow their businesses to unparalleled differentiation and scale, with their successful entrepreneurial heritage, global network, and business acumen.


Meyers was the Founder and CEO of Digital Media Review (DMR) and Industry Index (acquired by Shouldertap Investments), the first company to provide research based and verified ratings, review, and management consulting services across the marketing technology landscape for CMOs. Her longtime career goal of discovering and integrating game-changing technologies that solve real pain points in the marketing industry was the inspiration for DMR’s mission to help agencies and brands find innovation. Her knack for understanding and seeing partnerships where others didn’t, enabled her to bring best-in-class solutions not only to DMR but also to its roster of marketers. 


Meyers has been frequently tapped for high-profile management consulting and advisory positions to help marketing technology and services companies enhance their in-market presence, including Adometry (acquired by Google), MediaForge (acquired by Rakutan), ThinkNear (acquired by Telenav), Integral Ad Science (acquired by Vista Equity Partners), and TapAd (acquired by Telenor), a sample of her clients that have benefitted from her unique method to drive business outcomes. 


Meyers served in a variety of strategy, business development, and leadership roles at Conversant (acquired by NASDAQ: ADS), DoubleClick (acquired by Google), AOL (acquired by Verizon), and 24/7 Media (acquired by WPP Media). As the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Agency Relations at Conversant (acquired by ADS), she built and led sales teams, business and corporate development initiatives for over five years, resulting to more than $71 million in revenue for the company. 


Meyers successfully applied her growth method to over fifty leading technology companies. Her work spans across multiple disciplines from transforming marketing and product messaging, clarifying corporate vision, and mission. She realized her business success could be converted to the personal development space she translated these tools in a more personal way in order to teach individuals and teams how to better define and acknowledges their purpose. Meyers method includes identifying personal values, strengths, weaknesses, negative & positive influencers, which lead to the manifestation of their clear vision. This program took her struggles of negative thoughts, lack of self-confidence, and limited vision to a higher plateau of personal growth, professional clarity, and purposeful existence.

Originally trained as a professional chef, Gayle Meyers lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, where her life now revolves around keeping her children—and their even finickier dog and cat—properly nourished. 

My purpose is to be a platform of growth for others

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Emily Allen


Emily has two decades of experience growing revenue for digital media companies. At GM Consulting Emily is focused on helping companies scale by providing strategic recommendations and sound models for expansion and monetization. Her work focuses on positioning, sales enablement, commercialization, team development, business, and sales development, packaging & productization and corporate & sales marketing.


Before joining Axios as the Senior Vice President of Branded Studios, Emily was the Senior Vice President of Content and Digital Products at iHeartMedia where she lead the charge in overhauling its content practice for over 900 websites, 4 thousand social handles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and YouTube, as well as designing its digital marketing and monetization practice. She was also an integral player in leading iHeartMedia’s support team for content creation around iHeartMedia events across the country throughout the year.


Prior to iHeartMedia, Emily was the Senior Vice President of Ad Strategy at Business Insider (now Insider Inc.) where she was one of the first people hired to build its advertising revenue business. Under her seven-year tenure, she launched five departments, including the branded content practice - Insider Studios - which supported the revenue goals, as the website grew from 3 million unique views to 100+ million.

Emily has also held top management roles at Smithsonian Business Ventures where she revamped two magazine websites and launched a travel site for the Smithsonian Institution. During one of her biggest projects, each of the 19 museums handed over CAD drawings of their floor plans which her team meticulously turned into interactive maps.

She originally began her career at Real Media Inc. in San Francisco before moving to Time Inc. - more specifically Golf.com - where she saw Tiger Woods win 8 out of his 15 career majors. When she’s not in New York, Emily and her two kids enjoy time in the Sierras skiing or at Lake Tahoe.


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