Corporate Workshops

The most successful organization operates best when the company's executive leadership and individual teams operate in tandem and, collectively, with clear and shared priorities and goals.

Team Workshops

A team is a collection of empowered individuals who together draw from their abilities and work toward a common purpose. A team must align on a shared set of principles, priorities, and vision.  A successful team starts with the success of one individual and moves to a team and ultimately an organization. The corporate success workshop is designed for individual teams within your organization. 

A strong foundation of any team or organization starts with the individuals that fill its ranks. Individuals strengthen and support the corporate ecosystem. Each individual within a group pulls from a set of personally defined ethos, individual character strengths, confidence levels, behaviors, and habits. 

The team will come away with a unified set of priorities and goals as well as a shared vision for success.


"Gayle was able to relate to every single one of us. She highlighted the gaps in our team and helped us to fill those gaps with our own individual strengths". 

- Zoey Pellowitz, 23, Team Captain

Team Assessment

Employee engagement is critical. Engagement drives company performance, and impacts leadership, delivery, and operations. The workshop is designed for team leaders and their teams within any part of an organization.

The team workshop includes an assessment, a twenty-four-question survey to generate a report analyzing trending insights of loyalty, performance, retention, and satisfaction. Results of the assessment identify engagement gaps, areas of opportunity that can be used to establish accountability, communication plans, and benchmarks progress. The results of this assessment define overall the focus of the team workshop.

Executive Leadership Workshop

The executive assessment measures alignment or lack thereof, gaps in communication, and uncovers disparities in an analytical approach. Internally, if the organizational team or individuals are not aligned or capable of translating the corporate vision, the results will suffer.

The executive assessment looks at the business from an executive level to view the entire business, a top down approach. We will help your executive leadership team align on a unified value proposition and strategy that can be clearly communicated both internally and externally.


Benefits of the Executive Leadership Workshop

  • Revenue Acceleration Plan 
  • Leadership Alignment 
  • Communications Plan 
  • Accountability mapping 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Company Vision and Purpose

Executive Leadership Assessment

The executive leadership workshop includes an insight analysis assessment that informs the executive leadership team on ways to promotes discussion and closes any gaps in communication. 

“Thank you so much, your assessment was extremely insightful and we are very appreciative of the resources it took for your team to put this together. We are able to share the insights with the team(s) and they saw tremendous benefit with regards to how our our individual and unique values and perspectives deliver purpose and drive shared engagement and vision for the entire team and organization. The insights also helped to spur an open and honest dialog about how we can work more efficiently and effectively together and was instrumental in helping to craft a cohesive and strategic go-forward plan.” 

Shannon Shae Montoya, Director, Global Industry Development & Experiential Marketing at Verizon