About the Programs

A Vision of Individual and Collective Success


Our program builds a success model with a bottom-up approach starting with the success of one individual and moving to a team and then to an organization. The approach is akin to constructing a high-performance team one athlete at a time. Starting at a base level, the athlete combined with other athletes, forms a collection of performance. This powerful machine can represent a business, a civic and/or an administrative organization. 

The Takeaways

Individual Brand

In order to succeed personally, you must have a clear sense of purpose. Your mindset, beliefs, values and career trajectory define who you are and can be translated to form the real you. By first recognizing and then eliminating self-doubt and negative thoughts you can then fully understand what it is you are meant to do, and only then can you live a purposeful life. 

Team Brand

A team is a collection of empowered individuals who draw from their abilities and work together towards a common purpose. A team must align on a shared set of principles, priorities, and vision. 

A strong foundation of any team or organization at-large begins with the individual that fill its ranks. This individual strengthens and supports the corporate ecosystem. Each individual within a group pulls from their personally defined ethos, individual character strength, confidence level, behaviors, and habits. 

Corporate Brand

In the holistic brand level of a corporation,  a top-down approach is usually the delivery method of the vision and mission to the market and internally to the constituent parts of the organization. Internally if the organizational team or individuals are not aligned or they're not capable of translating the corporate vision, the results will suffer.  Our approach is to first work with the members of the leadership teams, then the C Suite team, then the individuals in the organization.  The results will be synthesized into a cohesive corporate-wide vision and policy that aims to reach the defined success parameters.  

How Do You Measure Your Success (Purpose)? Defining Success 

Building a personal, intangible tool

Assess your strengths and weaknesses, define your goals, change behaviors, and then apply until achieved. Thoughts create habits, and habits create actions that set your character.  

Constructing an Ethos

A core set of values that one defaults to instinctively without thought or hesitation and  defines who you are from the inside out. "If you don't believe in something, you will fall for anything".  Your ethos is your mental compass that points you in the direction of the desired self-quality. 


The new you. Professional (time, money) and personal (mental and emotional balance, relationships, physical health, confidence, and self-assurance, spiritual stability).