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 The Meyers Growth Method 

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A Vision of Purpose

With more than two decades of experience in digital media and marketing technology, I realized that I could leverage my knowledge and turn my strategies into a platform for personal and professional success. 

At an early age, my father (a market research entrepreneur) helped me to overcome learning disabilities and focus on what I'm good at rather than foster a negative self-image.

As a successful entrepreneur, venture partner, and board member, I have utilized my experience to help corporations optimize for growth. The maximum corporate potential is achieved once the individuals within the team reach their own potential. My goal is to help individuals overcome their blocks  and become a 'vision of purpose.' 


 We start with an assessment of your self-state, How is my life? We use a seven-step process to identify your current self, including, state of mind, values, community, partnership, purpose, productivity, and vision. You'll come away from this session with a clear purpose. 


The corporate success workshop builds a success model with a bottom-up approach which starts with the success of the individual teams and then to the entire organization. The corporate success workshop is broken out into two distinct sections: team and executive leadership. Your company will come away with a clear set of goals, priorities and a unified vision.


"As a marketer, I have dedicated much effort into building and deploying brand identities, however I had not previously placed significant effort introspectively. I took one hour with Gayle’s Pathway to Purpose program and emerged with a clear understanding of my personal “why”. The session included some seemingly simple conversation and it armed me with both the clarity and tools to ensure I remain focused on my self-declared life priorities. I recommend this program as a tool for providing clarity of purpose."

-Tony Marlow, CMO of Integral Ad Science

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The Meyers Growth Method

 My method includes identifying personal values, strengths, weaknesses, as well as negative and positive influences, which will lead you to the manifestation of a clear vision.